Reasons To Avoid Smoking Weed While Driving And totally cleanse by using the Best Detoxification Shampoo

It is common knowledge that marijuana can easily impair your motor coordination, judgment, ability to concentrate and slow your reaction time. These four factors are essential to have while driving, which is why the weed consumption doesn’t go well with driving skills.

If you want to reduce chances of getting caught and driving safely, even slight use of marijuana could impair your driving skills which could result in a car crash and even more significant devastation. Studies have shown that marijuana will affect driver’s concentration and ability to perceive distance and time. This may lead to drowsiness, poor speed control, distraction and inability to read road signs accurately.

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The Risks Of Crashing Will Increase While You’re High

Numerous researches and studies have shown the direct link between impaired driving skills and THC concentration in the blood. The risk of getting in a motor vehicle accident significantly increases after you start using marijuana.

Another analysis has stated that the risk of severe injury or death doubles after you consume marijuana and start driving. Traffic Safety Facts: Drug and Alcohol Crash Risk report from 2015, conducted by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration noted that THC would increase crash risk by 1.25 times. You can click here to read the complete study.

This particular figure took into account various factors such as testing procedures for intoxication as well as alcohol use so that they can find the appropriate report. Other studies have noted that for car accidents the high-risk groups most likely use either weed or alcohol, and those are young men in late teens.

High Levels Increase Risks

When you get involved in a car accident, if you have THC in your blood you will be responsible for it, whatever happened in reality. Of course, this is a fact if other drivers haven’t used anything such as alcohol or drugs that could cause impaired driving. This is especially important to notice when you have high levels of THC in your blood.

Another problem that happens among teens in the USA is they combine weed with alcohol, which causes a significant impairment which is much higher than using any drug itself. These two drugs have combined effects that will affect your driving skills and create substantial risk for accident and more severe complications.

The Common Problem Is That People Neglect The Idea That Smoking Weed Can Cause Impairment

NHTSA (Learn more about this organization by visiting this link: has conducted research that has shown that deaths in vehicle crashes are mostly because individuals used drugs and alcohol. They have also made a report that more and more drivers have tested positive for weed intake.

One in four drivers that conducted test had THC in their system. This particular rise in popularity of weed attributed to recent popularization and legalization of the recreational and medicinal use of cannabis in many U.S. states.

Some drivers claim that smoking marijuana while driving improved their concentration as well as driving skills. Researchers have concluded that this particular fact may be right for the first few minutes of driving. However, people who smoke marijuana will soon become bored, weary, or distracted, which could cause a car accident and impaired driving.

What Are Problems With These Studies?

Every study that we’ve mentioned above studies the issue and concerns with driving statistics in combination with marijuana abuse. The main problem why this particular testing procedure is faulty is because THC can remain an individual’s system for weeks at a time.

Unlike tests for alcohol, that will provide you information on whether the driver has drunk alcohol prior driving, most tests for marijuana will pick up traces of it even if you are not impaired during the crash. They could have smoked a few days before the accident and tests will still be positive.

At the same time, when the driver has multiple drugs in system, it is difficult to determine which one was the cause of a crash. Drivers are not only tested for drugs, primarily if they have consumed alcohol too. These factors could create a wrong picture in these studies that you have read above.