Ayurvedic Food Allergy Treatment – A Natural & Herbal Way to Stop Allergy!!!

We all know that an allergy is a condition which shows the reaction of our body and immune system when our body comes in close contact with certain substances. These substances can belong to a food variety or can also be the part of environment. An allergy can be an acute or chronic disease. It can be of 4 weeks or less and it can be of 8 weeks or more.

What is a food allergy?

Food allergy is similar to other kinds of allergy. It is a reaction of our immune system when we consume a certain kind of food. The reaction can be stomach pain, vomiting, abdominal discomfort, indigestion of food, etc. The reaction varies from person to person depending upon the intensity of allergy. In a few chronic as well as serious cases ulcers, shortening of breath and mouth itching can be the reaction.

So, now you can easily understand that how dangerous food allergy can be. However, the symptoms of food allergy can be minor. But considering all the facts, it becomes really very important to look for Ayurvedic treatment of food allergy such that you can cure food allergy at a faster rate without any side effects associated with it.

Some most common food allergies are:

  • Wheat allergy is really very common among peoples. Wheat allergy is also known as a gluten allergy.
  • Soy allergy
  • Milk products allergy
  • Egg, fish allergy
  • Allergy from fermented foods like wine
  • Dry fruit allergy such as peanut, almond allergy, etc.

These are the various common allergies found across the world. If you are looking for food allergy treatment in Ayurveda then there are several online clinics where you can get connected with experts.

Identify the food which is allergic to you and then stop consuming the food, is the basic practice most of us follow. However, it is not any proper treatment, in order to get a proper Ayurvedic remedy for food allergy you should meet an Ayurvedic doctor as soon as you can. The doctor will prescribe you a diet chart that will help you to cure the problem and then gradually, you can start consuming the same food.

Include curd in your diet twice and thrice a day, this is a great way to reduce food allergic reactions.

Ayurveda says that a lot of factors such as hereditary factor, type of immune system are the factors which make one to face problem such as food allergy. There are various techniques used by Ayurveda which will balance the “Agni” of our body such that your immune system will not react on any of the certain foods.

Ayurvedic treatment for food allergy also consists some herbals which are used to cure the disease. Have a look:

Herbal remedies for food allergy

Here is a list of herbal remedies that can cure food allergy.

Herbs leave a great impact on our body. Various herbalists have categorized herbs in various categories to know that which herbs are perfect for food allergy for an individual as per their body type. However here is a list of some common herbs which are useful almost for all body types. Although the impact of these herbs varies from body to body

  • Ginger: Ginger is one of the best herbal remedies for food allergy. Add one to two teaspoons of honey in ginger in the decoction made by boiling ginger. It will make you get relief from food allergic reactions and gradually, the problem will get solved.
  • Lemon: Take a glass of warm water, add a lemon in it, consume it in the early morning before eating anything else, this home remedy will help you to cure the food allergy.
  • Ayurvedic green tea: Include Ayurvedic green tea in your diet. Green tea is helpful to boost your immune system.
  • Amalaki (Phyllanthus emblica): Amalaki is a rich source of Vitamin C which is helpful for individuals who are suffering from food allergic reactions. As well as it will enhance the immune system of the one such that one can prevent food allergic reactions.
  • Tulsi (Indian basil): Tulsi is a plant with lots of medical benefits. According to Ayurveda, Tulsi is helpful in enhancing the immune system of the one such that one can control the frequency of the allergic reactions. Tulsi can be easily found anywhere in India.