What Can a Chiropractor Do To Reduce Shoulder Pain

Chiropractors are known for their nimble fingers and ability to adjust the spine of an individual. Getting rid of pain and stiff joints of the back and neck is thus possible with an able intervention of a quality professional who can help the patient feel better by getting rid of the niggling aches and pains. However, a skilled chiropractor offers much more than treating the neck and back. You would be rather astounded to know that you can also try looking for a shoulder pain chiropractor near you and end up being free from pain.

The chiropractor would not only be able to find effective solutions for simple soreness that you may feel in the shoulders, but you will also find it gratifying when the professional manages to heal the pain that has occurred due to:-

  • Frozen shoulder
  • Bursa
  • Sprains and excessive strain on the shoulder
  • Rotator Cuff injury
  • Tendinitis
  • Dislocation of the shoulder bone

Almost all the conditions mentioned above result in excruciating pain when even the slightest movement like moving your hand or trying to button your jacket may cause you to gasp and cry out loud. The actual problem may stem from the irritated nerves or swollen tendon and associated ligaments as well as the adjoining muscles. However, the actual source of the pain may also be located within the acromioclavicular joint or the cervical spine. Moreover, your triceps may turn out to be the real culprit or the humble muscle just beneath the shoulder blade.

You do not have to pass many anxious moments thinking about the nature of the pain though. Just visit the nearest chiropractor to help with shoulder pain in Matthews, North Carolina and allow him/her to examine you properly. The pro is sure to formulate a detailed plan for treating the pain and healing of the underlying areas. The process of treatment varies from person to person though with even different practitioners opting for different kinds of procedures.


There is no need to be apprehensive about the treatment, however. The best chiropractors in the trade are sure to conduct several diagnostic tests including imaging for diagnosing the real source behind the excruciating pain that the patient suffers. There are multiple specialized orthopedic tests meant to discover the generators of pain pertaining to a rotator cuff problem.


A chiropractor would be able to push the shoulder joint gently in the right direction thereby enabling it to align correctly. With the underlying muscles and ligaments heading in separate directions, the patient is likely to feel excruciating pain with the tissues surrounding the joint becoming inflamed and tender. The chiropractor will not try to pull the joint into alignment forcefully thereby inconveniencing the patient. The professional utilize specialized tools such as the speeder board and even a small hammer for adjusting painstakingly. Apart from the devices, the practitioner will also knead the sore area carefully to find the point of maximum pain so that it can be manipulated slowly but surely.

An experienced chiropractor will make sure to take a holistic approach instead of trying to treat only the painful muscle or joint in isolation. The back and neck will also be adjusted to remove all signs of irritability and discomfort.